Hi there and welcome. Thanks for visiting. My name is Darren Wensor. I am based in Sydney, Australia.

20150614_154020-1My passion is in empowering young athletes, coaches and sports parents.

I have twenty-four years working full-time in sports development and coach education, and twenty-eight years of coaching/teaching experience.

I am the author of/contributor to numerous sport-related articles, books, journals, manuals, support resources and coach education course outlines.

I am the founder of the blog coachingyoungathletes.com

I specialize in  coaching young athletes in track & field and multi-sport movement skills.

I am an experienced public speaker and presenter, and I have appeared as an on-camera presenter or coach on a number of instructional videos.

I offer a range of coaching, coach education, public speaking, and coach mentoring services. Learn more about these by clicking on the relevant menus.

I look forward to hearing from you.