Pop-Up Coaching Clinics

How Do Pop-Up Coaching Clinics Work?

These unique clinics have no regular day, time or content; those people who subscribe to mailing list receive an email notification as to when the next clinic will take place and what the session will cover.

There is no regular weekly commitment and no obligation to attend all or any of the sessions once on the mailing list.

One or two events  will usually be covered during each clinic. Some clinics will be available to restricted age groups. Examples may include: Under 9-11 athletes OR Under 12-15 athlete, etc.

The following events may be made available, depending on the equipment accessible at the venue:

  • Sprints
  • Straight Hurdles (i.e. 60m, 80m, 90m, 100m)
  • Circular Hurdles (i.e. 200m, 300m & 400m)
  • High Jump, Long Jump & Triple Jump
  • Shot Put, Discus & Javelin

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Upcoming Pop-Up Coaching Clinics

Sprinting Skills Clinics

Date: Sunday 13 January, 2019

Venue: Barton Park, North Parramatta

Times: 4.15pm (Under 8, 9 & 10); 5,30pm (Under 11 & Older)

Fee: $20 per athlete to be paid on arrival.

More information: Click HERE.

More About Pop-Up Clinic Details

Registration & Fees

  • Athletes must be booked in to attend a pop-up clinic. This allows the session to be planned accordingly.
  • The fee for each clinic will depend on the length, content and number of places available. As a guide, the fee for a pop-up clinic starts at $20.00 per person per clinic.
  • Some of the clinics may require online pre-registration and cash payment on arrival. Some of the clinics may require online pre-registration and payment. If online registration is required, a link to registration will be included in the email notifying individuals of the clinic.
  • There will be a maximum number of athletes in a clinic. The numbers will depend on the content, aims and age group/s attending the session. The numbers are restricted to maintain the quality and safety of the coaching environment.
  • On-the-day registrations will only be accepted if a place is available and exact payment in cash is provided prior to the clinic beginning.


  • Parents are encouraged to stay and observe each clinic, however should not distract the athletes or the coach during the clinic. If not staying, a parent MUST be contactable at all times and MUST be present to pick up their child at the conclusion of the clinic.

What to Bring

  • Athletes will be required to wear suitable training clothing and footwear, and bring a filled drink bottle and a towel. In sunny conditions, the athlete should also bring a hat and sunscreen.

If Late or Unable to Attend

  • If an athlete is unable to attend a session or will be late, the coach should be notified as early as possible.
  • If an athlete does not attend, and the coach is not notified, there will be no refund of any pre-paid registration fees.
  • In the event of wet or very hot weather, parents should contact me to find out about cancellations. Parents will be refunded any registration fees if a clinic is cancelled.


  • Parents are responsible for notifying me of any medical conditions/injuries that may affect the athlete’s involvement.
  • A high standard of conduct, behaviour and sportsmanship is expected of all participants and parents/guardians.


  • During a session, the athletes may be filmed for coaching purposes. Should parents have any objections to their child being filmed, they should notify me.
  • When coaching, I follow the guidelines of the Australian Sports Commission that any physical contact with an athlete should be (a) Appropriate to the situation and (b) Necessary for skill development. Should parents have objections to any physical contact with their child during the coaching process, they should notify me.
  • Should parents or athletes have any enquiries about the training process PLEASE ASK!
  • Individuals may opt out of the Pop-Up Coaching Clinic mailing list at any time.

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