Regular/Weekly Squad Coaching Sessions

These group sessions are for athletes who are able to commit to attend a session on a regular day and at a regular time each week.

Athletes who undertake these sessions join a group and therefore reserve a place to attend each session.

Session Details:

Please contact me for more information.

Organization & Other Information:

  • Athletes must be booked in to attend a coaching session. This allows the session to be planned according to the athletes’ needs.
  • There will be a maximum number of athletes in a group.
  • Group coaching sessions will last for 75 minutes. Each session will take a long-term development multiple-event approach.  The content will consist of running, jumping & throwing events plus other athlete development activities. The events and activities are determined by the coach week-to-week.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay and observe each coaching session, however should not distract the athletes or the coach during the session. If not staying, a parent MUST be contactable at all times and MUST be present to pick up their child at the conclusion of the session.
  • Athletes will be required to wear suitable training clothing and footwear, and bring a filled drink bottle and a towel. In sunny conditions, the athlete should also bring a hat and sunscreen.
  • On joining the training group, a degree of commitment (i.e. regular attendance) is expected.
  • If an athlete is unable to attend a coaching session or will be late, the coach should be notified as early as possible.
  • If an athlete does not attend a training session, and does not notify the coach two weeks in a row, the athlete’s place may be offered to someone else.
  • In the event of wet or very hot weather, parents should contact the coach. Never assume that the session has been cancelled.
  • Parents are responsible for notifying the coach of any medical conditions/injuries that may affect the athlete’s involvement.
  • A high standard of conduct, behaviour and sportsmanship is expected of all participants and parents/guardians. Should this not occur, participants may be asked to leave the training group.
  • During the season, the athletes may be filmed for coaching purposes. Should parents have any objections to their child being filmed, they should notify the coach.
  • When coaching, I follow the guidelines of the Australian Sports Commission that any physical contact with an athlete should be (a) Appropriate to the situation and (b) Necessary for skill development. Should parents have objections to any physical contact with their child during the coaching process, they should notify me.
  • Should parents or athletes have any enquiries about the training process PLEASE ASK!

Athlete-Parent-Coach Etiquette

The following is generally accepted as good athlete-coach etiquette and should be observed by all athletes and parents:

  • If an athlete is leaving another coach to join my training group parents/athletes must inform me and the former coach of the situation.
  • Should an athlete wish to leave my training group to work with another coach both parties should be informed.
  • Athletes simply wishing to discontinue training altogether should also inform me of their intentions.

The following is accepted as poor athlete-coach etiquette and should be avoided:

  • Working with two different coaches without informing one or both of the coaches of the situation.
  • Undertaking additional training sessions outside the coach’s program without the knowledge of the coach.

Coaching Fees

The fee for weekly/regular sessions is $15 per athlete per session.

NOTE: Fees for coaching sessions are to be paid on arrival.

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